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The Romantic-Suspense
World Of Bernice Layton

Check out the 2-book Dream Catcher series.
 Book 1, Finding Cade. 
Book 2, Cade's Return.
then enjoy the rest!
Book 1 of 2 Release date_ 3_19_2019
Cade's Return (Book 2, Sequel to Finding
Jae's Assignment Ebook  (1200 × 2250 px).png

Assignment complete!
It's a romantic novel wrapped up in a espionage thriller whodunit...there's a mole in the FBI....special agent JR is sent in to deliver a package to safety...the package turns out to be Dr. Trevor Grant/Adian Cole....who is supposed to be safe in a witness protection program and Jae had gone undercover previously posing as his assistant/Secretary....she thought that was the end...little did she know the twist and turns was going to lead into a dangerous quagmire and more importantly into her true love arms.

Jae's Assignment - Goodreads - Lynda Garcia

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