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Book 1 of 2 Release date_ 3_19_2019
Finding Cade (Dream Catcher Series Book 1)


RELEASED: 3/7/2019

I have this gift, an ability to transcend myself while I sleep.

I never interact with anyone in this out-worldly place. I simply…watch.

I’ve heeded my aunt’s warning to not interfere while I roam freely around the world in my dreams. But that all changes when I find an injured man fleeing his captors.

Now, every night when I fall asleep I manage to find him. I can feel him—his presence caressing my skin. The more I see him, interact with him while I’m in this trance, the more I start to realize that there’s a reason I found him. There’s a reason I sense him wherever I go.

He’s in trouble. In the real world his life is in danger while the shadows keep his soul trapped in limbo. 
I have to figure out how to help him, how to rescue him from the darkness.  I need to save…Cade.


Cade's Return (Book 2, Sequel to Finding Cade)
Cade's Return (Dream Catcher Series Book 2)


RELEASED 3/21/2019

He watches me, scrutinizes my every move. Why? Because he doesn’t trust me. He doesn’t trust in this ability that I have. But yet, he’s still here which means he’s intrigued, maybe even a little curious to see how this will all play out. While living under the same roof proves challenging, I find it even harder to remain unaffected by him. With every glance, every subtle touch I can feel the attraction grow between us…until it’s too strong for either of us to ignore. Now I’m no longer helping a man I found stranded in limbo. I’m helping a man I might be falling in love with. But there are forces at work determined to destroy him, and I need to use every ounce of strength I have to put together the pieces and solve the mystery that surrounds Cade. If I don’t…he won’t survive.


Jae's Assignment


RELEASED 10/2/2018

FBI agent Jae Randall gets a routine witness protection assignment. It's a no-brainer. After five years of hiding, Trevor Grant isn't so trusting. Before he can figure out if this woman is legit or a part of the militia, shots ring out. Suddenly, Jae's piece-of-cake assignment turns into a bloody, life-or-death race against time as they battle to resist their electric attraction.

Warning: Contains a gun wielding, ass-kicking FBI agent with a gift for eloquent profanity, and a psychiatrist with a secret recipe every military on earth would love to get their hands on. Readers are reminded that when in doubt – or danger – always use protection.

BERNICE LAYTON COVERS3 (2000 × 2250 px) (2000 × 3250 px) (3000 × 6250 px) (3200 × 6250 px)
Mind Games


RELEASED 4/3/2012

Paralegal, Layla Kennedy, has spent a lifetime hiding behind her mental illness. Yet she delves into a relationship with Jordan Scott, attorney, and unknowingly they become pawns in a well-staged plan of blackmail. To survive they must unveil their secrets...but can they outsmart the blackmailer who becomes a killer?


Lies in Disguise Cover File.jpg
Lies in Disguise


RELEASED 3/1/2011

Charlene and Corinne are identical twins living separate lives. After one is murdered, the other assumes her dead sister's identity in an attempt to discover the truth about her sisters murder, while also having to live a deceitful lie in disguise.

Crossing the Line Cover File.jpg
Crossing the Line


RELEASED 4/1/2010

Raina Wade witnesses a triple murder and Nick Laprelli is the detective assigned to protect her on a cross country trip, where their tumultuous relationship develops into something more. As the lines of race and states are crossed, a serial killer is in hot pursuit of the only witness who can identify him in this intense romantic thriller.

BERNICE LAYTON COVER  A Love Worth Fighting For (4).png
Promises Made


RELEASED 11/4/2008

It's been 17 years since a promise was made between two teens, Craig and Renee. Now Craig expects Renee to keep that promise so he can collect a $3M dollar inheritance. Although Craig's scheme is a solid way to the money, he has not banked on reuniting with the smart, beautiful and sexy woman Renee has become...but who knew she had a few secrets of her own?


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