Jae's Assignment

 BRAB reviews, June 2018

In this book Bernice Layton details how, Jae’s team worked together and how an agent becomes a rogue agent and stops at nothing to get what he wants including murder. As a team they were very protective over Jae. She also details how things looked on the outside, but much was happening behind the scenes as well as before Dr. Trevor Grant was placed in the witness protection program (you have to read the book to find out why).

Even though this action book has gun fire, murder, manipulation and deceitfulness romance is intertwined amongst several of Jae’s team member unexpectedly. 

This is a great read you will not be able to put it down until you have read the last word. I highly recommend this book.

I’m looking forward to reading more of Bernice Layton’s books.


Lynda Garcia's review

Jun 12, 2016

really liked it, Read from June 09 to 12, 2016

Assignment complete!
It's a romantic novel wrapped up in a espionage thriller whodunit...there's a mole in the FBI....special agent JR is sent in to deliver a package to safety..the package turns out to be Dr. Trevor Grant/Adian Cole....who is supposed to be save in a witness protection program and Jae had gone undercover previously posing as his assistant/Secretary....she thought that was the end...little did she know the twist and turns was going to lead into a dangerous quagmire and more importantly into her true love arms


MrsGiggles – Hot Sauce Reviews

Jae’s Assignment is interesting, to me, because often in romantic suspense, we have the man doing all the heavy-lifting and he is at the forefront of the whole story, while the woman is usually in a more clerical or data-analytical role. Here, however, Jae seems the one doing the rear end-busting and all.

Trevor Grant is a bearded, nerdy-looking guy who has a PA, Jae Randall. She is, to his estimation, someone who wears frumpy clothes because she seems unaware of how hot she can be. But when he spots her at his desk, fiddling with who knows what, he fires her.

Wait, there is more to this. As you can guess, both are pretty hot once they clean up and dress good. But he’s also someone under the Witness Protection Program, while she’s actually a secret agent trained to do really special FBI stuff. When his cover is blown, guess who is assigned to help him get to safety.

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Title: Jae’s Assignment Author: Bernice Layton Genre: Military, FBI, suspense, romance, mystery

The idea of a women being his contact was awesome! Jae is a kick a– women! I found it funny how Ape-man or Trevor slinks away from Jae’s co-workers when stuck in tight corners. As the story went on I felt for Luke I wanted him to live and be saved! I was rooting for him. The whole chase trying to figure out what is going on felt slow but the build up at the end was great! Did not expect that final showdown to end that way. Thoroughly enjoyed this story.

Romantic Suspense - In Bernice Layton’s Jae’s Assignment, a no-nonsense special agent finds herself protecting a doctor. Thrills abound!