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The Love Between Twin Sisters...An Excerpt From Lies In Disguise...

Charlene and Corinne are in the run of their lives!

Just as she was about to loosen a couple of buttons, she spotted the car with no lights on, turned down a row of parked cars, still slow in its approach, and it was headed straight for Corinne. Maybe it was the telepathy thing they’d spoken of earlier or just a sixth sense, but Corinne stood upright and looked up over the roof of the car to the pickup truck parked across the road.

Her eyes locked with Charlene. She didn’t seem at all surprised that her sister had followed her. With a shake of her head; she waved her lover off and watched him drive away. As if watching the scene play out like a movie, but in slow motion; Charlene’s eyes shifted from Corinne, and back to the car with no lights on. Vaguely, she thought that if she squinted a little, she might be able to see the driver of the car.

She had every intention of reporting him to the hotel manager. It was dangerous driving in a parking lot without headlights. Then, she watched his passenger get out, and reach inside his jacket, looking menacing.  Looking back at Corinne, who was about to cross the lot, then quickly back to the shadow man, Charlene realized in horror that the passenger had obviously been reaching for the gun, that was now in his hand. Shocked into stunned silence, she couldn’t even scream. Her instinct was to jump down from the truck bed and run to Corinne. Her one thought, and only thought was to protect her sister. She had to stop Corinne from crossing to the open parking lot.

Too late. Corinne followed Charlene’s gaze, noticing the car, and the man for the first time. She stopped and watched as the man began walking purposely toward her. Something in the way he was approaching her must have alerted her that she was in danger. She had to get to Charlene. She had to protect her. Charlene was already on the move. Scrambling out of the back of the truck, she sprinted across the road, grabbing Corinne, who seemed to be frozen in place, by the hand then practically dragging her into a foot-pounding run down the parking lot and out onto the road. 

“Oh my God. Corinne, run!” she yelled, panic-stricken, which appeared to mobilize Corinne. When her hand tightened around Charlene’s hand, they ran side-by-side as if the devil was on their heels. It didn’t register that in their attempt to flee the man with the gun, they were running away from the hotel, and toward the road where the hotel sat back from.

When she’d first arrived at the hotel by taxi cab from the airport, Charlene had marveled at the cliff’s spectacular view of the ocean. Now, all she could see were menacing shadows, and darkness as they ran perilously closer to the edge of the two-lane road in an attempt to evade their pursuer. 

Daring a quick look behind them, Charlene wished she hadn’t. The black car was picking up speed, and bearing down on them. “Oh my God,” she screamed but didn’t break her run.

Seeing the fear on Charlene’s face, Corinne also dared a look back, and in doing so, lost her grip on her sister’s hand. Reaching out to catch her balance, she stumbled on the loose gravel. With the car almost upon them, Corinne reached out and shoved Charlene out of the way, but the vehicle veered, and purposely slammed into Charlene, while the man with the gun reached her.

Charlene took the full force of the impact. Feeling herself falling, hurdling headlong over the cliff into the darkness, she clawed desperately, frantically for anything to break her fall, and somehow managed to snag a protruding branch. Unfortunately...


Intense right? Have you read this novel of mine? Please do! I'd love to hear what you think of it! Purchase here!

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